Just a quick note to show some very beautiful aspects of Sintara (Sintra) which was an important and strategic town for the moors of Andaluzia. It is still possible to find some gems of this noble heritage in the area.
Although some of this architectural curiosities date from later periods they nevertheless reflect the deep impact of the moorish presence in the arts and in the psyche of the christian conquerors. The Village's coat of arms is a quite clear example of that.
"The Village Palace"-Palácio da Vila:

Fonte dos Passarinhos: The bird's fountain erected in the year1835 in a moorish style and with arabic inscriptions:

Palácio da Pena:The Palace

The Moorish Castle:

Something tottaly different: The Map of Hish Turr (Torrão)'see previous blog:

And another small historical village where there was a masjid (mosque) - Sortelha: