Adalberto Alves and Shanta Maryam Harun

As Salaam Aleikum!

Just some more posting on the importance of Adalberto Alves for the rediscovery of our of his great books on Islamic Mysticism in the Al-Gharb is the "Portugal e o Islão Iniciático" which again revolve around 2 paramount figures of Islamic Portugal Al'Muttamid the King of Baja (Beja) and Ibn Qasi (ar) the Sufi Master. Again there won't be an english translation of this text...well probably it should be something for the new generations rediscovering their golden past to do. volunteers???

Another interesting book by Adalberto Alves which the theme is not Portugal but through its shia links has more to do with us that what we think - Iran. The country of Rose Gardens.

I just got this one from one of the links in this blog, it is a photo from a street in Shanta Maryam Harun (modern Faro), one of the last cities of the south to be lost to the christians...good to know that it still preserves some pride in its Islamic heritage!