Morábitos de Portugal

Bismillah'Ir Rahman Ir Rahim

This is just a selection of some morábitos (marabut), small constructions normally used by Sufi shaykhs ad their muridins as retreats (khalwa) for spiritual development, later used and abused unfortunately by the Church as deposits of icons and little Chapels. Portugal seems quite rich in terms of these islamic constructions.
In my research Iºve came across Morábitos in Alvor, Évoramonte, Monsaraz, Ferreira do Alentejo, Montemor-o-Novo,Mértola, Cabo Espichel, Beliche, Miomães and Murfacém(Trafaria-Almada). It is a shame that so few still preserve elements of its original intent. Nevertheless a record of beauty...