Casa Do Alentejo em Lisboa ( Al-Ushbuna)

The Casa do Alentejo is a meeting place for the people from the historic province of Alentejo (além Tejo = beyond the Tagus) who live in Lisbon,This beautiful building is hidden behind a rather unprepossessing exterior.

The main function of the Casa do Alentejo is to introduce the country region to the capital and to cultivate its unique culture. The people from Alentejo moved into the Palácio Alverda in 1932.

The building is notable on account of its unusual interior. The palace dates from the last quarter of the 17th C., but its current appearance is a result of considerable alterations carried out in 1918. The Moorish looking covered inner courtyard with a small fountain in the center is impressive. Copies of the original architectural features give some impression of the Arab influenced Mudejar style which is to be found in southern Spain and Portugal particularly in southern Alentejo.

Enjoy these beautiful pictures which continuously remind me of Alhambra.