Shukran Eduardo!

A Blog about the arabic/islamic/muslim heritage in Portugal wouldn't be complete without a reference to the arts and to a a great name. A contemporary artist who fell in love with this rich heritage.

Eduardo Ramos is the name in terms of Portuguese Traditional music with a Arabic influence and a master of the "Alaude". He is an important presence every 2 years in the Islamic Festival of Mertola (Al-Martula). Eduardo is a Singer a Poet and a lover of the warm lands of the south of Portugal where the Islamic presence was felt stronger. A poet who incarnates the responsibility of carrying the legacy of Poetry of the Algharb-Alndaluz. A poet who loves other poets like Al-Muttamid who lived in Xelb (Silves) the exact place where Eduardo Lives.

Those who had the priviledge of being present in one of his shows know what i am talking about, his powerful voice entermingles with the Alaude overtones very often accompanied by his Son Tiago and his daughter Carolina who especialized in eastern dances.

A great man that must be known to the world.

A great man kindly transporting in his heart an amazing history of 1300 years of love, mysticism, poetry and courage.

May Allah grant him all his wishes!

Shukran Eduardo!