Once upon a time...

Salaam Aleikum!

Once upon a time there was a King who had a dream and fiery desire to conquer. A king who didn't know how to read or write and who could barely sign his own name. A King and a court quick to label (and slay) those who wouldn't kiss the cross. Some hundreds of miles to the South there were those who touched the earth with their foreheads, those who wouldn't prefer the cross to the Man. those who more than the northerners loved the Prophets and their Message of Universal Unity. They knew how to sign their names. They knew how to write and read, they were kings and Poets, Alchemists, Mystics, Astronomers, Mathematicians and Philosophers.

Once upon a time there was a King who took a bath 3 times in his life, and there were some dark-skinned man from the warm lands of the south who wouldn't pray before a ritual cleanse. People who at least 5 times per day would wash partially and at least every week totally.

Once upon a time there was a king who couldn't sail and probably swim, facing him there was a nation of great navigators, astronomers, scientists who would tell the northern King descendants how to sail against the wind, opening new possibilities for the emerging young nation.

Once upon a time there was a King who kissed idols stitched to crosses labeling infidels those who refused. In the southern lands where the earth is red and the night breeze is warm there were iconoclastic poets, mystical-warriors and beautiful princesses who would only bow to the One and Only.

And Once upon a time we have been lied to, and the lie grew old and became the "truth". And the victors wrote the books and fed the lies and made us believe we are the northerners and we expelled the infidels. And they made us believe that the Moors came and the Moors went away.

As if 700 years could disappear. As if the blood wouldn't mix in 700 years, as if the flesh wouldn't touch the others flesh. As if we were blue eyed and blond. As if we were closer to the Northern nations than to the ones living across the Mediterranean sea.

Wake up Oh you so proud of being Moreno - Mooreno - Mouro...
So Proud of your pretentious European lineage...
You are them,
All of them,
The victors and the loosers
The masters and the captives
The northerners and the southerners
The analphabets and the literates
The celts and the Moors
Burn those books who teach you the pedagogy of the "winners"
"winners" of what?
Of dirt? Of Lies? Of a piece of Dunya?
They All live in you, look to the ground you step on, look to your skin, your hair, your language, your words, your gastronomy, your cities, your fruits, your trees, your parents and your kids.
Understand this once and for all:
There are big lies ingrained in the "immaculate" white paper of our history books
مع السلامه