سلام عليكم
I just found these books on the arquimedes books website:
they are basically avaiable from this website and most of them are published by the excellent hugin a publisher dealing mostly with spiritual/alchemical/religious titles.

Only in Portuguese:

this is the result of an international symposium on culture and literature in the Gharb-Al-Andaluz (Portugal during Muslim rule):

This one is an excellent work of the renown historian Santiago Macias on the Islamic period of Mertola-a small village in the south of Portugal where still nowadays you can see the mirhab on the church that was built upon the mosque.

This is an old book on the influence of arabic language in the folklore of a southern area in Portugal surrounding the village of Serpa. specifically focusing on the herdsmen language.

This is a Classic from the Great Adalberto Alves: Qalbi Arabi (My heart is arab):

A Very interesting study on the Muslim Community of Lisbon in the XIV and XV centuries.

This is an interesting study on the Jews of Islam, the two abrahamic brothers.

A Specific study on the Ceramics of Islamic Portugal.

In a time when the Christian Kings of the North could barely sign their own names in the South, Portugal was populated by great sages, walids, teologians, philosophers, jurists and poets. this is the Theological and juridical writings of one of those men. the Great Abul-Walid Al-Baji (the one from Beja-an important city in the south of Portugal)