A Mix of Amulets, Coins Architecture and stamps...

Continuing with the architecture here we have the Moçarabe church of Lourosa possibly a mosque before:

Another Morabit of Ferreira do alentejo nowadays a small chapel.

The New mosque of Odivelas (Wadi velas'?)
Aisha Sidique.
The CTT company the Portuguese Post Company decided to honour the glourious Al'Gharb Al Andaluz with a collection of commemorative stamps named "Arabic Lisbon-Lisboa Arabe":

here´s one of them:
And here´s the whole collection of 6:
these next are details of amulets and coins from the Islamic period kept in Museum and private collections...
this one is from the Museum in Serpa:

These are coins in a private collection'they are from the almohad period

More coins, these ones coined in Xelb from the almohad period.

An interesting painting based on a poem by Al'Mutamid the muslim Poet and King of Baja (Beja) who was born in Xelb (Silves) and where he spent most of his Childhood.
the translation would be something like:
"Give my salute oh Abu Bakr to those dear places of Silves and tell me if they miss me as much as I miss them..."

An interesting inscription in Évora (Al'Yabura)

a muslim amulet with some Quranic writings to give protection to its user.